Purple Heart Donation Rules


When donating gently used items that will benefit Purple Heart through GreenDrop, it’s important to follow Purple Heart’s donation guidelines and regulations to maintain an efficient donation process. With standardized legal, regulatory, weight, and size restrictions, GreenDrop is unable to accept certain items.

With the help of GreenDrop, Purple Heart is able to support combat-wounded American veterans and provide services to their families. GreenDrop does this by accepting gently used items and converting them into critical dollars, which are then used to support Purple Heart’s mission.

GreenDrop accepts gently worn clothing, shoes, household goods, luggage, blankets, yard tools, and more. If you have recently cleaned out your home or are thinking about doing so, consider donating your unwanted items to GreenDrop and Purple Heart. Your donation will help American veterans and their families.

Due to safety and environmental restrictions, GreenDrop is unable to accept items that weigh more than 50 pounds. This includes large appliances, large furniture, tube TVs, and other items that may be too big or dangerous to transport.

When you donate your gently used items to Purple Heart, you’re making a real difference in the world. With your charitable support, Purple Heart would not be able to fund their programs and overall mission. For more detailed information on Purple Heart’s donation rules, call GreenDrop at 888-944-3767 today.